April Ambitions

“Oh, it's delightful to have ambitions. 
I'm so glad I have such a lot. 
And there never seems to be any end to them... 
that's the best of it. 
Just as soon as you attain to one ambition 
you see another one glittering higher up still. 
It does make life so interesting.” 

I stepped outside with tape measure in hand to search for just the right piece of wood for a new project when my neighbor lady caught sight of me and asked if I could spare a minute to take a look at her undertaking. She motioned me to follow her to the back of their property, where she is forming a slope around her mailbox and sowing grass seed on it. We discussed whether or not this would effectively keep water out of her garage.

From there, we wandered over to my patio and beyond, exchanging ideas on how to make this or how to fix that, and how pleased we both are with our nesting doves. I am blessed with the best of friendly neighbors!

It's April, that time of year when I have an abundance of ideas sprouting thick and fast, and hope of accomplishing at least a handful!

The village is bustling with life and energy. What is catching my attention at the moment is the splendid array of flowering trees.

As to the ambitions, projects, and plans...

1. Half a dozen herb boxes filled then fastened to the rooftop balcony railing for easy snipping and eating

2. Enlarge the backyard garden to 30' X 30' and incorporate pathways and an evergreen border

3. Create and hang a botanical print art collage in the patio

4. Plant a cutting garden

5. Paint patio furniture

6. Level patio blocks

7. Have a yard sale 

8. Plan layout and arrangement for lots and lots of flowers

9. Finish distributing gravel pile somehow somewhere

And so on and so on...

Some of the projects are completed, some in progress, and some yet to be started. But it's a hopeful season and I'm anticipating a lovely spring and summer. I've already bought several ferns to begin the summer greens theme.

I gave the patio furniture a fresh coat of paint this week. Four cans of spray paint covered eight chairs, two side tables, and the larger round table. It was black already, requiring only a refresh to discourage rust.

The gravel pile is still there but smaller. We just need to figure out the best place for it. I change my mind over and over, so I think my husband has decided to completely abandon that subject until further notice!

The greenhouse shopping and browsing days are therapy to my soul. Every spring I experience a rush of delight at the thought of a brand new year and another opportunity to experiment with new designs and floral combinations. On this day I was collecting data for future reference. This is Mt Eaton Greenhouse.

I love the Fredericksburg Greenhouse for nursery stock, and have my eye on about a dozen tall evergreens  to border the new garden plot I've been working on.

Driving the country roads on a bright and sunny weekday here in Holmes County is a source of pleasure. There are horses plowing the fields, carts and buggies clopping down the lanes, and energetic school children at play. It is all so alive and vibrant! Even the greenhouse staff are extra cheerful and friendly!

My poor tulips don't look too happy, but there is promise of a bloom or two.

Spring mantle...

Here's hoping the moonflowers will stay alive and climb the pole...

...and drape gracefully over the bike

...and cover the unsightly downspout and cables

...and obediently trail on the balcony railings, which is where these boxes will go when the temperatures climb a bit higher. 

I drilled a hole in the bottom of each planter and threaded a double-strength fishing line through it to tie the box to the railings. Whether is will effectively hold in high winds remains to be seen. We can't have boxes tumbling down off the balcony.

I'm trying several new herbs this year.

I have had to run the tiller over grass to enlarge my garden, which called for a wrestling match of sorts...the tiller and I are winning, I think! Jacki snapped this photo of me at work. She stood watching for a few moments then hollered over the roar of the tiller, "Break up the fallow ground!" Bible verses come to life in the middle of a project, adding a larger purpose to both the verse and the work!

I've got a long way to go yet. There will be an eight foot circle in the center with four paths leading from it out to the garden edge. The evergreen border will be a continuation of what is already there. Then it's the happy task of filling the space with flowers, plants, and seeds.

The faithful hydrangeas are looking perky this spring. 

On a gorgeous evening when the guys were out fishing, Jacquelyn and I walked down to Wallhouse and got ourselves the almond joy ice cream special with espresso and brownies. I recommend it! 

The warmer weather finds Julian out on the balcony once more. Last night both children and I ended up out there with our books to enjoy a few moments together before they left for the evening.

I am thankful for Spring and Sunshine and Flowers and Children and Home, for all these are beautiful gifts from my Father.


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