Saugatuck Sand Dunes

Upon her first glimpse of sand dunes,
Jacquelyn took off running up the slope
Delight in every fiber of her being!

The excitement level was rather high for both of us when we finally crested the last hill of our climb up the winding path through the forest and caught a view of this seascape spread out before us. It may be perplexing to some, but a discovery like this can send us into exclamations of delight. It is our very first time to see the dunes!

It's only sand dunes. What is the big deal?

The thrill of a splendid new view 
An adventure into unfamiliar lands 
The romance of walking in places 
We have only read of until now

What can I say? Though it be ever so far away or in the state next door, even right in our own village, Jacki and I find pleasure in the discovery of beauty all around us.

On this morning we were in search of the sand dunes near the cute little lakeside village of Saugatuck, Michigan, less than half an hour from Holland. Getting there took multiple reroutings...the joys of following GPS! But we kept scouting out the territory, convinced it was just down the road. At one point, we were supposed to have arrived, only it was in the thick of the woods with no place to actually park the car.

Just as we located Saugatuck Dunes State Park the guys texted to let us know we can return to their fishing spot in Holland to pick them up anytime.

"Please say it isn't so!"

We felt quite sure this dunes discovery was too good to pass up and let them know of our predicament.

The answer from my husband, "Come when you can."

It seems it was their turn to sacrifice for the cause! But it did mean we had to rush this latest venture into the unknown.

My daughter is in her happy place!

Jacquelyn and I proclaimed this hike through sandy hills and vales the highlight of our vacation...and wished for an extra hour!

At the end of the day, after returning to our Airbnb in Holland, we took one last stroll in the park right across the street. We found yet another sculpture, this one to honor the immigrants from The Netherlands, who founded the city 150 years ago.

And I felt a gratefulness arise in my heart...for this country into which I was born, for the freedoms we have had for several hundred years, for the blessing of my Lord upon my life.

Truly, I have been given much. I am His child. I am His servant. He loves me and calls me His own. May He find me a faithful ambassador of the Heavenly Kingdom to which I belong through the blood of His Son Jesus.