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Botanicals + Window = Patio Decor

Remember the list of projects I had brewing about a month ago? I have been checking them off one by one.

No, that's not true!

I have had up to three or more activities going all at the same time. It hasn't been orderly or organized at all.

Does anyone else start one job and get side-tracked into several others at the same time? That is how I work, seldom staying at one task until it's complete, but veering off into multiple other chores that seem to jump out at me as I walk by.

Eventually, this-that-and-the-other does get accomplished but getting there may look scatterbrained. I am sure it is not a professional approach and I am not proud of it, but that is the plain truth on how I tend to operate.

Speaking of veering off-course...this is a post about patio decor and I will now get back onto it!

I found free printable botanicals on a blog I follow ( and loved the black and white simplicity of them. My response was, "I must try these pretty p…

In Heavenly Places

"Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust Him, and He will help you."  Psalm 37:5
There it is again - Trust Him - just like the words I read yesterday. I've been asking and He is answering. I feel like I'm in school again!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,  do not depend on your own understanding."  Proverbs 3:5

My faults are ever before me yet the Lord picks me up and sets me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He tells me to trust Him. His knowledge of me is at a level of intimacy I cannot fathom. He sees my failings yet promises to help. I cannot fully grasp this kind of attention, love, and commitment.

I've been noticing a pattern of seeking God for direction, answers, and wisdom, after which I proceed in the way that seems right and clear and proper, only to come up with negatives and wrong turns and imperfect choices.

Now what? "Do not depend on your own Him."

It seems to be the current lesson plan in thi…