Botanicals + Window = Patio Decor

Remember the list of projects I had brewing about a month ago? I have been checking them off one by one.

No, that's not true!

I have had up to three or more activities going all at the same time. It hasn't been orderly or organized at all.

Does anyone else start one job and get side-tracked into several others at the same time? That is how I work, seldom staying at one task until it's complete, but veering off into multiple other chores that seem to jump out at me as I walk by.

Eventually, this-that-and-the-other does get accomplished but getting there may look scatterbrained. I am sure it is not a professional approach and I am not proud of it, but that is the plain truth on how I tend to operate.

Speaking of veering off-course...this is a post about patio decor and I will now get back onto it!

I found free printable botanicals on a blog I follow ( and loved the black and white simplicity of them. My response was, "I must try these pretty prints somewhere, somehow!" I decided on six that caught my eye and printed them on white cardstock.

The window frame comes from our dining room renovation. I had no idea what I'd do with it but kept that center section, just in case I came up with a plan. The fun fact is that it happens to be the exact size I need for these prints. I do get a thrill of happiness when it all fits together so effortlessly.


1 window...I painted the frame black
1 piece of plywood...also painted black
6 botanical prints...white cardstock (about $.03 ea.) is the only purchase for this project
24 upholstery tacks
12 screws
1 can Krylon Matte Finish

I sprayed the prints with Matte Finish to help protect them from humidity. Then I aligned the prints on the plywood and carefully stuck tacks into each piece by hand before hammering them in, hoping the whole thing would not go askew in the process.

It worked!

Next, I placed the plywood onto the back of the window, checking to make sure it was centered properly, then screwed it down tightly. I tried using only six screws but it gapped too much so I added six more. With that, it looked and felt like everything would actually stay in place. That little detail is important, since I really am not sure what I'm doing!

One concern is whether it can withstand the humidity of an Ohio spring and summer; that is the reason I sprayed the finish onto the paper and screwed the plywood to the frame as securely as possible.

I have had it out in the patio for several weeks and it has seen some pretty strong thunderstorms. So far, the cardstock has not curled or torn and there are no signs of moisture underneath the glass.

The look in my patio changes every year. Having a new door leading directly into this space has made it so much more accessible. In a few days I will add more of my house plants to the mix. My ferns and flowers are already brightening the corners.

Homemade and inexpensive decor gives me a sense of satisfaction in that I can beautify my home without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. And with that, my spring to-do has one more item checked off the list. Hurray!

In other news, our peonies are beginning to bloom beautifully. They were white last year but have all decided to blossom out into pink loveliness!

Oh, and one more thing...a preview of what color my flowers will be this year!


  1. Can't wait to come visit . We are making plans for the June Yoder reunion. Right now we are enjoying our weekend with my family

    1. Awesome! I shall look forward to your arrival and (possibly) follow you to PA for the reunion!


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