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Bricks and Stones

Designing with bricks and stone is a task I find quite rewarding. I wonder why that is. My brothers are both excellent stone masons, so I like to think the same blood flows in my veins even though my work doesn't hold a candle to theirs!

In Pennsylvania I had plenty of stone to gather from the surrounding hills and fields whenever I wanted to create a bit of a path or patio. Not so in Ohio, due to our village location. However, we bought a home built of brick (the original homeowner being a partner in the local brickyard), so various shapes and sizes of this product are readily available on our property. I've got a stack beside the garage available upon demand.

The bricks laid around the mailbox were sinking and we have had some drainage issues when it rained hard, so the plan was to take it all out and build it up a couple inches to redirect at least some of the runoff. I had the supplies necessary to the job except for 10 bags of pea gravel to add to the pile left by the co…

Vegetable & Cutting Garden

We dream of gardens and gatherings during the dead of winter. Jacquelyn and I agreed that this year our ideas centered around a new cutting garden. As the months passed, our vague notions gradually turned into reality. It is nearly summer now, and life is springing up in our new backyard space.

In the beginning there was a great deal of planning and scheming from the comfort of my desk chair. An enormous Amish donut and a tall mug of hot tea helped, of course!

Later, it developed into a rather daunting task involving push and shove and plain old hard work.

Most of the thirty foot by thirty foot square was part of the lawn. That meant lots of tilling and raking and tilling again.

After days of working up the soil, waiting for it to break down a bit, tilling again, raking and removing the clods, tilling again, it is finally ready to plant. Can you tell I'm not exactly experienced in creating gardens? Do you hear me huffing and puffing, acting like it's a tremendously tough job?

Our Holiday #2

Over Memorial Day weekend Jacquelyn and I betook ourselves to the hills and dales of southern Ohio. Several years ago, after we moved to Ohio, friends had told me that Hocking Hills is an area we would love. It's quite true, we discovered!

After our rather unpleasant overnight experience at the castle we were incredibly happy to see a new day dawning and the sun brightly shining! We packed our bags and departed at an awfully early hour, thankful to be on the road again.

We stopped for lattes in Chillicothe. Rost Coffee is a coffee shop we have had on our list of places to try. Our drinks were outstanding and we loved the character and flavor of the tiny space!

Out in front of the shop is the perfect spot to catch a few sun rays. Obviously, I did not stop exclaiming long enough for Jacki to snap the photo!

Now it's off to the rolling country lanes in our trusty little car with our favorite morning music to cheer us on our way. I had no idea so much beauty was hidden away in the…