Bricks and Stones

Designing with bricks and stone is a task I find quite rewarding. I wonder why that is. My brothers are both excellent stone masons, so I like to think the same blood flows in my veins even though my work doesn't hold a candle to theirs!

In Pennsylvania I had plenty of stone to gather from the surrounding hills and fields whenever I wanted to create a bit of a path or patio. Not so in Ohio, due to our village location. However, we bought a home built of brick (the original homeowner being a partner in the local brickyard), so various shapes and sizes of this product are readily available on our property. I've got a stack beside the garage available upon demand.

The bricks laid around the mailbox were sinking and we have had some drainage issues when it rained hard, so the plan was to take it all out and build it up a couple inches to redirect at least some of the runoff. I had the supplies necessary to the job except for 10 bags of pea gravel to add to the pile left by the concrete crew when they did the bathroom floor in the basement.

The actual work took a little longer than I expected. Hauling buckets of gravel and fitting the bricks into a pleasing pattern takes a bit of time (may also explain why I have so many bumps and bruises), but I get a thrill out of the process of reworking an area of our landscape that has been troublesome. It's not overwhelming for me when the job is this tiny!

When my back starts complaining, I take a break and hope it quiets down! I am sore this morning but fine otherwise.

We shall wait and see what happens the next time another rainstorm moves through the area. I did not get it entirely level, which could be a problem. If I have to redo some of it, so be it. And with that, another project bites the dust. The urge to play with bricks and stones is satisfied for the moment!