Our Holiday #2

Over Memorial Day weekend Jacquelyn and I betook ourselves to the hills and dales of southern Ohio. Several years ago, after we moved to Ohio, friends had told me that Hocking Hills is an area we would love. It's quite true, we discovered!

After our rather unpleasant overnight experience at the castle we were incredibly happy to see a new day dawning and the sun brightly shining! We packed our bags and departed at an awfully early hour, thankful to be on the road again.

We stopped for lattes in Chillicothe. Rost Coffee is a coffee shop we have had on our list of places to try. Our drinks were outstanding and we loved the character and flavor of the tiny space!

Out in front of the shop is the perfect spot to catch a few sun rays. Obviously, I did not stop exclaiming long enough for Jacki to snap the photo!

Now it's off to the rolling country lanes in our trusty little car with our favorite morning music to cheer us on our way. I had no idea so much beauty was hidden away in these hills.

Then we arrived at the actual walking trails and were swept away into an enchanted forest filled with birdsong, splashing fountains, babbling brooks, and benevolent sunbeams dancing through the leaves of the trees.

Because we arrived so early we had it mostly to ourselves, just another benefit of being a morning person!

The splendor and grandeur of this woodland was not lost on us. We walked along the trails, climbed among the rocks, and marveled at the lovely fountains in this well-preserved park right here in our own state of Ohio.

Delights at every turn!

It made us feel pretty small...

We came away with a sense of appreciation for the gifts all around us, given by our Creator for our enjoyment and for His glory. He leads us in paths both dark and bright, rough and smooth, but the best part is that He is our Father and has ever-faithfully taken care of us. Isn't it grand to be a child of this great God?

We left Hocking Hills just as the crowds began pouring in. All the richness of silence we experienced in the forest would now be broken by these hikers. How glad we were to be on our way out. On the way home we spent a bit of time in Lancaster, another item on our list of places to see. It has lovely streets lined with charming old homes.

I may not be much for scary or exciting adventures. Don't ask me to join you in amusement parks or rock-climbing or bungee-jumping. No. My pursuits are of a much more sedate variety. The pleasures to be found in exploring gardens and historic homes, woodland trails and waterfalls, new coffee shops and cute ice cream stands. Simple joys that won't give me a heart attack or high stress levels, that is what I chose to do on a holiday weekend with my daughter.

Hurray for the summer season!