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Garden Party

On a golden summer's eve Jacquelyn and I opened up our home and gardens to Rebecca Miller and her staff from Rebecca's Bistro. We hoped to create a small space in time in which we would have an opportunity to step back from the business of life, take a deep breath, and pause long enough to relax and enjoy the company of friends. For we believe that in the midst of the hurry that is a trademark of our day, this, too, is important.

The weeks and days and hours of planning, prepping, cleaning, mowing, weeding, and decorating are past and the gloriously sunny evening of this garden party is upon us. My daughter Jacquelyn works at Rebecca's Bistro and has had a desire to invite all of them to our house for an informal, outdoor gathering to celebrate their friendships. This is the year it actually happened!

It was an honor to be able to host these lovely ladies and I enjoyed getting to know them a bit better throughout the evening.

Jacki planned the menu with a tiny smidge of a…

Red Raspberry Preserves

This is about how I managed to salvage my raspberry jelly after mindlessly adding all the ingredients at once.

Does anyone else do this? I have preserved quite a lot of produce over the years. I am not new to the process. And I realize it is extremely important to measure and mix jams and jellies with careful attention to every last detail of instruction.

But there I stood over the kettle of raspberries, mechanically pouring in first the water then the sugar. As I added the last cup of sugar I was shaken out of my reverie. Somehow I knew I had made a grievous error. That sugar did not belong in the kettle just yet. Am I right?

I quickly scanned the recipe and my heart sank. I've had too many jelly making mess-ups, particularly with raspberry jelly, and I meant to be extra watchful this time. Yet here I was again...another year and another batch of liquid jelly. Please say it isn't so. I stared at the pot for awhile, wondering what to do. One thing for sure, there was no ladlin…

Christ Is Supreme

There is a beautiful poetry in the description of Christ in Colossians. The assurance that He has included me in His glorious redemption plan and receives me as His own is joy unspeakable. I awoke this morning with a renewed expectation of good. 

Days of darkness so thick had enveloped my soul until it seemed I was in a cavern deep in the earth with no light even to see my hand in front of my face. It was suffocating, it was terrifying, it was a force of destruction that I could not withstand on my own. There are unseen enemies in the heavenly realms that war against our souls and I felt like I was up against them.
"The night watchman found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil,  those watchmen on the walls." Song of Songs 5:7
And I was afraid. I crept away into a silent terror of rejection even from my Bridegroom. Had I chased Him away? Had I delayed too long in the caves of the night? I could not hear His Voice in that black darkn…