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Flowers In White

"I must have flowers, always and always." ~Claude Monet

In the springtime I have the happy task of gathering lots and lots of flowers from several local greenhouses. It is an annual tradition that offers up pleasures unmatched throughout the rest of the year. Although I am a few months late, here is the photographic tour of my flower gardens. I give you fair warning, there is an explosion of flowery photos to follow!


It's the year for white flowers, a biennial occurrence in the Doverlee gardens, and fast becoming my favorite of all. Why does it seem my gardens always look best when I fill them with pure whites? I've decided it's mostly due to the shade from my towering oak and maple trees. Deep shade accentuates the golden glow in masses of white blooms.

Next, a visual progression of the plants as the season unfolds.
In early June... White Sun Patiens in the foreground and White Impatiens in among the Hydrangeas

A week later

A month later

The langu…