Flowers In White

"I must have flowers, always and always."
~Claude Monet

In the springtime I have the happy task of gathering lots and lots of flowers from several local greenhouses. It is an annual tradition that offers up pleasures unmatched throughout the rest of the year. Although I am a few months late, here is the photographic tour of my flower gardens. I give you fair warning, there is an explosion of flowery photos to follow!


It's the year for white flowers, a biennial occurrence in the Doverlee gardens, and fast becoming my favorite of all. Why does it seem my gardens always look best when I fill them with pure whites? I've decided it's mostly due to the shade from my towering oak and maple trees. Deep shade accentuates the golden glow in masses of white blooms.

Next, a visual progression of the plants as the season unfolds.
In early June... White Sun Patiens in the foreground and White Impatiens in among the Hydrangeas

A week later

A month later

The language of flowers...






...and I am delighted I get to plant them and care for them here in my gardens. I really do thank God for the opportunity, the space, the time, and the funds to pour into this cheering and rewarding task of gardening.

In truth, sometimes the flowers are not at all happy with life and look downright sad. They don't appreciate being drowned (this Sun Patien eventually died completely and I had to transplant another into the urn). They do not like too much fertilizer or too many insects or too little moisture. It can be frustrating to try to keep them alive, but the benefits far outweigh the problems and I am happy to carry on.

Lamp post garden from May until August... White Alyssum and a teeny, tiny Moonflower by the post.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia in the hanging basket, White Sun Patiens by the front door

The Moonflower vine really is reaching for the moon! It has climbed as high as it can go, now I'm guessing it will trail back downward. At this rate, my lamp post will disappear completely in a matter of days!

Border garden... Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Endless Flirtation Browallia, White Impatiens, Asparagus Fern, and Ocean Breeze Spike in the urn, White Impatiens around the tree.

Window Box... White Alyssum, White Impatiens, Asparagus Fern, Ocean Breeze Spike

The combination in this urn is similar to the border garden but has White Sun Patiens instead of Impatiens. Later, I also added White Vinca Pacifica. The basket holds one White Verbena.

Retaining wall... White Alyssum and Moonflower

White Sun Patiens along the front of the house

The West side of the house with the changing colors of the Hydrangea...

Late summer green on those Hydrangeas is a perfect companion to the waves of White Impatiens.

On to the patio...

The patio pots hold White Impatiens, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Asparagus Fern, and Ocean Breeze Spike.

That concludes my garden tour! May you enjoy the remaining summer days (or whatever season it is where you live) and all the pretty flowers in bloom!