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Yoder Christmas Tradition #3

Slowly making our way along the winding road down through the snow-covered forest, I am awed by the breathtaking beauty. We are leaving our vacation village and heading for my sister Kris' house in Sandpoint. There are a few more days of celebration left before we fly across the country again.

This city at the bottom of the mountain got a blanket of snow over the past few days, but the sun broke through the clouds and shone happily on the day. Upon arrival, we shoveled our way to the front door of Kris and Jared's house, unloaded the SUV, then started down the snowy street on foot.

We captured a few photos of the frozen landscape on our walk through the streets and down to Lake Pend Oreille. Yes, we do indeed take a lot of walks! And just look at what we get to see because of it...

There is an undeniable majesty in snowy mountaintops, sparkling blue skies, and wide open spaces touched by the light of brilliant sunshine that speaks to my heart and compels me to praise the Crea…

Yoder Christmas Tradition #2

Out of the twenty-five who made it to the family reunion, twenty of us got on skis or snowboards at least once during our vacation at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. 
I think this young lady is having a good day. Just look at that smile! It tells the story I couldn't wait to hear.

My daughter Jacquelyn had tried skiing last year and gotten severely discouraged by it all. I, too, felt rather dispirited. This year she was determined to try again. I decided to send her out with her cousins in hopes that they'd be better trainers than I had been. Good decision. As soon as she took off down the slope I knew it was going to be a win this time around. She had obviously retained what she learned the first year, plus, her confidence level seemed much higher. Having the girls take over where I left off was just the push she needed.

We're both having fun instead of toiling down the slopes and getting all disturbed like we were a year ago. Happy day! All because she was willing to have a…