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My Family at My House

You know it's going to be a good day when you get to host your family from Pennsylvania plus a cousin from here in Ohio. I was honored that they want to come to my house for the day and had fun preparing a menu of Cheese Board + Meatballs + Baguettes + get the idea! 

I was slightly worried the baguettes would be too hard so I sliced them, brushed a little olive oil on the slices, then broiled them for about a minute. Jacki is my ever-willing baker and she turned out a great, seasoned, sourdough variety.

Time to eat!

I confess I am partial to a cheese board with an array of choices. I really did not need all those options but had fun putting it all together for these ladies who would enjoy it with me.

Pumpkin scones and honey cake rounded out the menu. 
Cousins, aunt Arlene, and sister-in-law was a day of fun, laughter, and so much blessing. My niece Amie also came but she is taking the picture. Thanks Amie!

Jacki came home from work in time to join us for ic…

At Kris' House

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream."
~ Bern Williams

Our first evening at Kris' found us walking - the children biking - down to the city beach to watch the sunset. This is the kind of outing I highly recommend and enjoy. Fun, exercise, beauty, and dreaming all wrapped up in one glorious gift.

Do you see what I see? It's a moose on the loose, destroying someone's pretty flowers, right in the middle of Sandpoint, too. I was so busy trying to capture a photo I tripped over the sidewalk and nearly toppled. I'm definitely an Easterner! And then we just continued walking and left it to do it's damage.

What a golden evening for a stroll along the beach.

It's a pedestrian-friendly town, so we were not even odd with our long, straggling row of littles and adults. Not that it matters...but perhaps it does just a little!

The Marina is beautiful to behold if you love sailboats as I do.

The willows call us for another sisters photo. My niec…