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Hygge Christmas Party

Cozy comfy fireside Warm fluffy blankets Tiny twinkling lights Tables filled with food 

All we need is a dozen or more treasured friends and our party is complete. Jacquelyn planned and prepared for this celebration of the goodness of the Lord and of the gift of friendship. I gave assistance here and there. 

Wild adventure and high drama is not on the bucket list for my daughter and I. We may not be eager to join a rousing and dangerous escapade. But call us to the homefires, the celebration of simple pleasures, the friends gathered round to share food and laughter and life, and we are happy to be there. 

Perhaps a dark fear, a wearisome care or a heavy burden can be lifted for a few moments as we open up our hearts to one another in a small way.

Jacquelyn's main menu included alfredo pasta with a variety of toppings along with a sweet potato salad.

Her dessert menu consisted of cake and scones.

Cranberry Orange Cream Cake

Gingerbread Maple Scones

Flourless Dark Chocolate Hazelnu…

A Few Favorite Days

My sister and her family came to Ohio to work on a rental property and I invited them to stay with us. Our home was basically the landing pad for them as they traveled to and from the job, spent time with friends and family, accepted a number of dinner invitations, and kept themselves going at a somewhat dizzying pace.

Mornings over coffee were a favorite for me. Jacki and I moved into the living room after our early breakfast, ReneƩ would be down shortly thereafter to join us for a brief quiet spell before the hustle and bustle of getting her family out the door for another workday, and we'd catch up on the previous day's activity by the cozy glow of the fireplace.

My husband, children and I were delighted they accepted the invitation and we considered it a privilege to host them. I didn't take a whole lot of photos but here are a few snapshots of our family fun.

One day my niece Adri stayed with me while the rest of her family went to work. We stopped in to see Jacki at …

Flowers + Wedding + Family

"Oh no, there is no way I can do flowers for a wedding!" 
That was my initial response to my niece, Amie, when she suggested that I might do the bouquets for her wedding. I felt honored that she would ask me, but I had never put together bridal bouquets and it looked far too daunting. 
We kept on talking. I sat there and allowed the idea to circulate through my mind for a few moments then considered the possibilities. Perhaps my sisters could help. My daughter would be at my side. It might actually be within my sphere of ability. Maybe I can do this after all. 

And I knew if there was anyone I'd be comfortable doing flowers for, it would be Amie and her mom, Tina. They have good taste but are not difficult to please! 
So I agreed!  
Jacki and I drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania with my sister ReneĆ© and her daughter Adri, most wonderful companions for the journey. It was the day after the snowstorm that piled almost ten inches of snow on the exact part of PA to which we we…