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2. Home for the Holidays

Christmas Day was silent and still in the village. Living along the main thoroughfare in Amish Country will keep you in tune with the varying moods of the days and seasons. This is what I would designate as one of the most calm, peaceful mornings I have seen. 
Jacquelyn and I took to the streets early for a brisk walk in the village. We encountered perhaps a handful of motorists from beginning to end plus a few locals out for their daily constitutional. Usually this route is humming with traffic from about 5 AM until 8 PM. 

We, of course, had hoped for a snowy Christmas morning but it's quite barren. Still, the air is crisp and cold, serene and hopeful. That is beauty enough and we thank the Lord for this new day dawning.

Jacki knew how much I wanted Chocolate Brioche and made it just for me. She actually mixed it the night before then finished the process on Christmas day. 

It is a light, sweet, airy pastry that pairs well with a cup of earl grey tea.

We played 7-up, watched a f…

1. Home for the Holidays

Christmas Eve...

"will find me where the lovelight gleams I'll be home for Christmas"

Ours is not the same-every-year traditional celebration of the holidays. We have sometimes been away from home, sometimes given gifts to the children, sometimes taken the family on trips instead of handing out wrapped presents, and sometimes been with extended family, so there has not been a set pattern.

This year, upon the realization that both children have off work the week between Christmas and New Year's I began to search for that winter hideaway in Vermont; or that dreamed-of return to our honeymoon destination on Roatan Island; maybe someplace closer to home like the northernmost tip of Michigan would fit into the budget; we need to go somewhere because we have these precious days all together and really must take full advantage of them.

But nothing was ringing a bell. Dale was cautiously trying to remind me not to get too invested in a vacation.

Take a clue, woman! Right? Bu…

Doverlee Dressed For Winter

"But now she loved winter. Winter was beautiful..."

"Days of clear brilliance."

"Evenings that were like cups of glamour The purest vintage of winter's wine."

"Nights with their fire of stars."

"Cold exquisite winter sunrises."

"Ice-grey twilights, broken by snow squalls..."

"...when their cozy living room..."

"...seemed cozier than ever."