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European Itinerary

There has been an ever-growing sense of surprised delight and eager anticipation permeating our home for the past few weeks and this is the reason why.

The Schmuckers are about to embark on a journey across the sea.

For me, this is the fulfillment of a dream, a hope and a prayer that began nearly a decade ago and has continued until now. When the month of June is left unscheduled but upon further inquiry only one weekend is actually open for all four of us, we grab it with both hands and make plans.

At the announcement that our tickets to London had been purchased, each member of the family had a unique reaction to the news, a response related to the individual style. It's funny what this trip does to us!

  Jacki cheers and claps her hands and turns a cartwheel.  Julian quietly lights up with the widest grin possible.  Mother feels the need to execute a few dance moves or she might burst.  Father is so overwhelmed he declares he must go lie down.
We are all slightly overcome! As th…

From My Garden

A sprinkling of floral and garden photos from today, yesterday, and perhaps the day before because June is the month of flowers. I might say the same for May and July but neither can quite match June for the awakening of tiny buds, and new blossoms showing us what they are capable of doing with the right amount of sun, clouds, rain and care.

The balcony is a pleasant change from the five previous years in which I've tried plants that simply would not do as they were told. I hope to fasten a few of the sweet potato vines to the railings in the next day or so but they are certainly finding their way down over the rooftop.

Jacki and I are happily gathering flowers, herbs, and vegetables from the backyard garden. The snapdragons are beginning to pop. Lilies and roses have been in bloom for some time. Lettuce, spinach, radishes and herbs have been keeping us supplied for a few weeks already.

It's another golden evening.

All four of us dug into the mulching this week. It looks beaut…

Schmucker Reunion Extraordinaire

"Oh how great are God's  riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His ways!" Romans 11:33

That verse describes a little of what is in my heart concerning the Lord's grace to us. What does it have to do with a reunion? Just this. His Presence was among us and brought peace and healing. My heart is full of thanksgiving.

It's not a secret that we have had difficulties and trials of our faith. Some have gone through intense turmoil and shattered dreams. Our relationships have been severely tested over the years. But this weekend together proved to be a bridging of the gaps, a beautiful opportunity to extend peace and hope and love to one another. It was healing.

It was a wonderful weekend with these people that I love!

Jerry and Tina's family cooked us a huge breakfast spread that I would not mind repeating. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, baked oatmeal. It was all so tasty!

If you know the Schmuckers you might…

Happy Days of May

We are at the last day of May and it's been spectacular if you fancy catapulting from winter into summer with a few stray days of spring mixed in. I prefer a more gentle approach, a gradual warming of temperatures and a chance to acclimate oneself to the next season. Still, I won't complain about warm (hot) sunny (humid) weather after a too-long winter.

Early in the month we grabbed a sunny afternoon and took to the lake on our trusty little boat. It was pure bliss!

First catch

Another catch!

My husband is happy with fishing pole in hand

He saw a boatman in distress and offered to tow his much larger vessel to the pier. Watching from the front of our tiny boat, I found the whole process a study in perseverance, determination, and downright neighborliness. My husband tried and tried and tried, only to have the motor shut off or the rope slip away or his hand hurt too much to hang on. But at long last he prevailed and we got to shore. He's been in similar straits and knows …