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Friends + Flowers + Food

Mix those three ingredients and you have a pretty sweet antidote for days of rain and grey. 

Jacquelyn invited friends to our house on Friday night. It was my pleasure to join these young women. I love them and am cheering them on as they endeavor to find their way in this tumultuous and perplexing world!

Jacki had off work so we spent the day in party preparations. Buying bright florals on a cloudy day in February and happening upon a florist who was willing to dig around in the back cooler for a few extra sprigs are tiny bursts of joy on our shopping trip.

Jacki's watercolor bunting is such a bright hope of spring I think I'll keep it on the wall even though the party is over.

The dessert table, laden with grapefruit pound cake, lemon tarts, and orange pistachio cheesecake. It's all about the fruits...and the sweets...but mostly the fruits!

Bouquets, oranges, lemons, and candles on the mantel. Hygge for a grey day.

Lest you mistake this for a perfect evening...

We had c…