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Accidental Interlude

When an unplanned pause is imposed upon us we ask ourselves what might be the meaning of this empty space in time.  

This week of travel and unforeseen delays is, for me at least, a study in contemplation and introspection. 

The purpose of our journey was to spend a few days with our dear friends, the Waldner's, at the wake and funeral of Joel's wife, Louise. I had not known her all that long or all that well, but the few times I did get to spend with her were a joy indeed. She was one of those bright, cheering women whose very soul seemed to spread the joy of living. She died of cancer before even reaching forty, but has touched many lives and brought honor to the Name of Christ in that short span of time.

Nearing Mountain Lake, Minnesota, and the Elmendorf Colony where the funeral was to be held, these giants popped up everywhere. It is certainly a wild and windy prairie, perfect for wind turbines. On the day we traveled out, it was sunny with temperatures reaching 50 degre…